awesome videos of fireworks built using firesmith tools!

We've loaded a few of our favorites for your viewing pleasure. Click on the link below to checkout the FireSmith YouTube channel for even more cool pyro vid's.

Maltese shell built and shot at PGI this year. FireSmith products used to construct this shell were the 14.4 Ton X-Tra Tall Portable Press,  3/4” Star Plate and 3/8” Star Plate.

6" Multi-break with 5 Roundel and 10 Ring of Reports with large bottom shot. Constructed using the FireSmith Precision Time Fuse Cutter.

10” 2018 PGI All Star shell built using a FireSmith 1" Star Plate.

6” 3 break. First break red with fusillade reports, second break streamer with glitter and aqua pupadels, third break, heavy report This  utilized a 1-1/4 custom FireSmith comet press and FireSmith spollette tooling for timing the pupadels.

4-timed report to 4 simultaneous blue/yellow/magenta.  The spoletta was pumped with the FireSmith Deluxe Spoulette & Insert Toolset and all of the time fuse for the inserts(8) was cut with the FireSmith Precision Time Fuse Cutter.  Couldn’t ask for crisper timing!

Benzoate whistle rocket (as detailed on the website) built on the FireSmith 1lb Super BP Core Burn Rocket set and FireSmith Tourbillion / Farfalle Insert tooling.

4" spider/color/report, to starshell break, to bottom shot.  The first break has stars in the non-report inserts.  The next break is a full sized starshell break, followed by a bottom shot.  The inserts were made using a FireSmith 1/2" Star Plate. The full sized starshell used comets pressed using a FireSmith 3/4" Star Plate.

1lb green strobe rocket with gold tail built using the FireSmith 1lb Nozzleless Core Burn rocket tool set and 1.5" Multi-Use Comet Pump.

5" spider/color/report, then full sized starshell break, then bottom shot. The stars for all the inserts in the first break were pressed using a FireSmith 5/8" Star Plate.  The stars for the full sized starshell break used the FireSmith 3/4" Star Plate.

12" ball shell constructed using a FireSmith 1" Star Plate and FireSmith Precision Time Fuse Cutter.

8" shells made with 3/4" outer petal, 1/4" inner petal and 2.25" comets as rising effects. All pressed using a FireSmith 3/4" Star Plate, 1/4" Star Plate and 2.25" Multi-Comet Pump.