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The world of pyrotechnics is full of awe and mystery.  Beautiful colors, thunderous booms and simply amazing displays of chemistry and physics in action have captivated humankind for hundreds of years.  Though the basic formulations and manufacturing techniques have been established for several generations, quality tooling allows today's pyrotechnician to produce effects quicker, more efficiently and more consistently than with the wooden tooling of days gone by.  

All FireSmith Pyrotechnic Tooling is engineered to the highest levels of performance, ease of use and longevity. Each product is CAD designed with 3D modeling software and machined from quality materials on state-of-the-art CNC machinery.

Customer Testimonials

Simply the highest quality tooling for fireworks construction... period. But, don't take our word for it, listen to what our customers are saying

I am in absolute love with my star plate and my 1.75 Comet Pump. They are so pretty I don't want to get them dirty! Works of art! -Steve

I got my order and I had to put my sunglasses on when I took them outside! They are too pretty to use. The 3lb set works like a dream!!! -Greg 

The tools are absolutely fantastic!  Now if I can just create some time to put them into production life will be grand. -Doug

The pumps arrived in perfect condition.  Very clever design.  We used the pumps with a willow type comet formula yesterday and they worked great.  -John 

Tools made it and look and work fantastic. Thanks for the tools, they are awesome! -Rob

Received the 1/2  incher today. It's a beauty! -Harold

My 1.75" comet pump made it in great shape!  Thanks again! -Bryan

I just finished pressing out my first stars with my new plates and I LOVE it!   -Lee

Hi Ben, I just got it this morning. It all looks great, I'm excited to try it out this week. Thanks, -Jason

It looks real good. Nice work! -Dan

Everything came in perfect!  Thanks, it's beautiful. -Blue

The pump worked great. Thanks for the fast service and excellent product. Nice job on them. -Peter

Got the plate couple days ago.. It arrived in excellent condition. I've used it and I'm very satisfied in the workmanship of this tool. Thanks much.. -Joe 

These are BEAUTIFUL tools! Thanks again -Mark

The star plates were delivered late yesterday - just opened them up - NICE! -Tim 

The aluminum tools worked great for the class and John was blown away with the brass set - thanks so much!  Great work. -Kurt 

I got the tooling in yesterday. Wow, that was fast. Excellent looking stuff. I cant wait to put them to work!  Thanks again, -Blake

I would like to say publicly that the 3/4" star plate I bought from you is top quality. I was very impressed with the workmanship. -Tom

Your tools look amazing, thanks you so much, I just got them today. I cant wait to try them out. Cheers mate, -Will

Nice work on this tooling. You have the quality and ability to make top notch tooling. Just wanted you to know THANK YOU for this quality tool. -Mike

Had the tooling super fast on Saturday! From not existing like on Tuesday or Wednesday that's pretty impressive. Looks great too. Thanks again,  -Doug

They look great.  Thanks.  You do a great job.  -John

Just want to let everyone know that I just received my tools from Ben and they are gorgeous. Going to get more through him soon. -Gianluca

Yes the contents arrived in good shape. They look excellent and very well crafted. It's going to be a well fitting item in my tool collection. Thanks again. -Joe 

I drooled on it first thing as I was admiring your craftsmanship! -Noye

The tooling is really great by the way.  Really well made stuff. -Gregg