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announcing the $1,000 firesmith video challenge!

Wanna chance to earn up to $1,000 in FireSmith merch? Got some cool videos of products you've made with FireSmith tools? You're in luck! We're giving away $1,000 of pyro goodies (...and you get to choose the goodies!) All the details below. Submissions now being accepted!

Email videos to

Here's how this contest works. FireSmith will be launching a new YouTube channel and video section on this website in September. We want to show the world the awesome pyro devices our fine customers (that's you!) have been building.  The videos need to fall into one of two categories. We want vid's of FireSmith tools and machines being used to build cool devices. We also want videos showing these completed devices in action. As an example, show us a video of you building a rocket using one of our toolsets and then show the rocket in action. Alternately, we'd love to see videos of shells and comets built using the FireSmith line of star plates and comet pumps. You can submit videos in either (or both) categories. Your video submissions don't necessarily need to be freshly produced either. If you've got something cool to submit from an event or shoot a year ago, we want to see it!

Now for the fine print:

The YouTube channel will go live the second week in September (an announcement will be made). After a two week period following the launch date, the 10 videos with the most likes will be entered into a drawing with three winners chosen at random. 1st place wins a $500 FireSmith gift certificate, 2nd place wins a $300 FireSmith gift certificate and 3rd place wins a $200 FireSmith gift certificate. Submit as many video entries as you like. However, each video much show only FireSmith tools being used or completed pyro devices in action built using FireSmith tools. Each video must include a brief description of the device built and the specific tools used to build that device.  We will keep all video submissions anonymous unless you specifically want your name used. Once you submit a video it will remain on the FireSmith YouTube channel, website (and other digital FireSmith properties) to be used to showcase the insane talent out there in the pyro world. We do reserve the right to add product details and a web link to your video (basically a listing of what you built and what you used to build it along with a link to the FireSmith website). Now that we've got the details out of the way... go light something!

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