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    End Burn Rockets - Build Wheels, Gerbs & Girandola's

    Join the ranks of thousands of hobbyists and dozens of factories worldwide using FireSmith tools. Simply the highest quality, most thoroughly engineered, longest lasting and easiest to use fireworks construction tools on the planet! 

    The newest version of the traditional end burning BP rocket, the FireSmith Super BP End Burn rocket sets feature redesigned De Laval nozzle geometry and rammers marked for both short and long burning motors.  The end result is a motor that produces better thrust than the traditional design and can be utilized in a variety of different devices. Not only are the Super BP End Burn toolsets great for stand-alone motors, but they make excellent drivers for wheels and girandolas. Point the nozzle upward and a variety of gerbs can also be made with this tooling. Each rocket kit is completely CAD designed and CNC machined. All spindles are machined from bronze billet and polished to a high luster. Spindles machined from this alloy release quite easily from a finished motor even when pressed to 9,000psi on the fuel grain. These spindles are completely removable from the base by unscrewing two stainless steel hex screws. All rammers and bases are machined from 6061 aluminum billet, chemically blackened, surface hardened and engraved. This metal treatment results in a very tough tool set that is much more abrasion resistant than bare aluminum and will last nearly forever. Friction is reduced, making rammers "slippery" and easier to remove from a motor tube. No-pass and swap-out lines are machined into the surface and are highly visible. Plus, product information detailing tube length and tool-set name and size is also engraved into each rammer. This eliminates damage and safety hazards present when rammers and spindles get mixed up. The FireSmith spindle removal tool and tube extender are highly recommended for use with these rocket sets.

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