Stinger Missiles - Save up to 35% - sale ends today!

Stuck at home under a self imposed quarantine? Are the kids bored and looking for something to do?Checkout stinger missiles. These are simple pyro projects that are quick to build and fun for everyone! We've teamed up with our friends to get you absolutely everything you need. Tools, tubes, fuel kits, fuse and even step-by-step instructions... we've taken every bit of guesswork out of the process! 

Here's the tools you're gonna need (and these are all on sale... just scroll down the page a little bit)

 Stinger Rocket Tool Set with Drill Jig 

Here's all the information you'll need to successfully build these rockets:

FireSmith Tutorials

Aside from the tools listed above, you'll need the following supplies:

Black powder kit

Hi-Quality Tubes


Now get out there and build something!


External Pressure Adjustment Knob


($5.00 shipping)

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A screw in replacement for the 14.4 Ton X-Tra Tall Press, this knob replaces the internal pressure adjustment screw allowing for easy and effortless adjustment of the hydraulic relief pressure

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